A Guide to Snapping Insta-Worthy Travel Pics of Your Dog

Oct 02, 2023Adam Friedgood
A Guide to Snapping Insta-Worthy Travel Pics of Your Dog

If you’re a globetrotter with a furry companion by your side, you know how easy it is to fill your camera roll with photos of your dog as you explore new horizons together. But have you ever thought about sharing those heartwarming moments on Instagram? You could even turn your dog into a travel influencer and get sponsors from pet brands! High-quality content is the key to building your pet’s brand on Instagram. This means snapping perfect shots and editing your photos with pro-level attention to detail. Ready to get started?


Invest in Helpful Pet Supplies


Traveling with a pet can be challenging. Taking clear photos of a dog who never stops moving is even more difficult. A few pet supplies will help you be the best “paw-parazzi” to your dog!


  • Read unbiased product reviews for travel-friendly pet supplies like harnesses, grooming items, calming supplements, and treats.
  • Mobile Dog Gear produces walking bags, backpacks, and airline-approved soft-sided pet carriers designed to make traveling with pets as effortless as possible.
  • Before you hit the road, pack an essentials kit with food, water, bowls, leashes, medications, waste bags, grooming supplies, and pet first-aid supplies.
  • You may also want to pack some photo props, like maps or tiny pairs of sunglasses, to include in your pet’s travel pics.


Follow Basic Photography Practices

As you capture those unforgettable moments with your pup, keep these essential photography practices in mind.



Consider Monetizing Your Photography


Monetizing your dog’s Instagram account is a great way to turn your passion for travel, pets, and photography into a source of income. Perhaps you’ll even earn enough to fund your future adventures!



In a world where you can capture a moment with the click of a button, you have everything you need to share your beautiful pet photography with the world. By following the tips in this guide, like investing in travel supplies, learning a few photography basics, and creating and selling posters of your photos, you can build an Instagram audience of adoring fans who look forward to each of your pet’s new travel adventures!


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