Stainless Steel Dog Water Bottles, 25 Ounces

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DOG BOTTLE - This stainless steel water bottle for dogs is specifically designed to meet your dog’s water drinking needs while on the go. You can take it along for walks in the park, hikes, camping trips, vacations, road trips, and anywhere else your journey with your pup takes you! This dog water bottle for walking stores your pet’s water while on the go, and when ready, pour it into the toxin-free polypropylene lid and let your pup drink away!

  1. PERFECT SIZE - Whether your dog is small or large, Mobile Dog Gear has you covered. A 25 oz. water bottle for medium to large dogs. With this convenient all in one dog drinking bottle, you don't have to carry a portable dog bowl and extra water for your 4 legged friend. This dogs water dispenser holds plenty of water and the lid doubles as a bowl your dog will enjoy drinking out of.

  2. LARGE DOG WATER BOTTLE - No matter where you’re heading, this large water bottle for dogs will make traveling easy. This handy black 25 oz. dog traveling water bottle will transform how you care for your dog. Rust free and leak proof, this dog drinking water bottle is durable and fits in most cup holders, making it perfect for on the go. The included carabiner clip means once you're out of the car you just clip it to a leash, purse, or a belt loop and have water wherever you and your dog wander.

  3. HIGH QUALITY - This isn’t your average dog drinking bottle! This expertly designed dog travel water bottle features a wide mouth opening to easily and quickly fill the pet water bottle! The high end heavy duty stainless steel and polypropylene material will last without the concern of it wearing out or falling apart. These durable materials are both lightweight and easy to clean, and can handle the “ruff” and tumble of on the go.

Dimensions: 3” length, 3” wide, 10” high

Weight: 0.75 lbs